Dream Room Personality Interview


Comfortable Riding Revolution Air Seat inventor Peter Xu development of Bicycle Saddle Suspension wins iF Design award.

 Interview  with Dream Room

In this captivating radio interview, Mr. Xu and the host engage in a dialogue

that vividly presents the core philosophy of the Air Seat to the audience.

The mission of Air Seat goes beyond providing a product;

it’s about delivering a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience to cyclists.

Whether navigating through urban streets, enjoying leisure rides in the countryside,

or embarking on a cycling adventure,

Air Seat stands as your faithful companion, ensuring unparalleled comfort throughout your journey.

We firmly believe that a comfortable seat with shock absorption is not just a product but also a means of enhancing quality of life.

We look forward to riding alongside you, exploring the endless possibilities of cycling!

Everyone possesses unique talents, and with the courage to strive, one can achieve their goals and dreams.
Join us now and embark on a bicycle journey where comfort meets freedom without saddle sore!
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