Occasionally our editorial department receives invitations to test new products or interesting product trials,

usually from well-known brands.

This time we received something I didn’t know before, because the very unique design provides new functions,

my curiosity was driven, and a few days later I received a box of test samples.

First, a brief introduction. The Air Seat is simply an additional shock absorber for the seat.

Basically, it can be applied to many types of bicycle seats and seat bars, whether the seats are made of metal or carbon fiber.

Its structure is based on two different kinds of springs. The vertically placed rear spring provides the main shock absorption function.

During riding, the connecting guide element is located inside the rear spring to ensure the stability of the structure.

This way, the seat can only move vertically, not sideways.

At the front is a second spring placed horizontally, responsible for the stable and complete suspension of the seat.

On both sides, you’ll find elastic buffer blocks to ensure that the system doesn’t repeatedly “hit the bottom” when going through larger bumps.

Speaking of shock absorption, it is worth adding that it actually has a travel of about 20 mm,

which is the most common shock absorption value you will find on gravel roads, whether in various types of spring seats,

elastic seat bars only or special shock absorbing frames. The spring hardness of the Air Seat cannot be manually adjusted,

but the manufacturer offers several versions with different spring hardness in three weight categories (80/100/120 kg).

The Air Seat’s structure is made up of aluminum and steel parts and bolts,

and the manufacturer offers two different alternatives that have the same function and shape,

But because different materials are used, their weights vary.

The more affordable version weighs 347 grams,

while the lightweight Ultra Light version comes with an extra plastic design cover with front springs and weighs just 250 grams,

The current price is 1,390 kroner for the basic version and 2,150 kroner for the Ultra Light version.

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